Low pressure moulding technology


You need to protect, insulate, relieve or encase electronic components? If your components are subjected to vibrations or the interactions of damp and dry, cold and warm conditions cause problems, the low pressure moulding technology can definitely be an economical alternative to other housing designs.

In our range of products, you will find devices with clamping forces from 7-1000 kN.



Report: Adhesion 11/2003
Principles of low-pressure moulding technology


Hotmelt filling stations for mass goods production

Our expertise:

From the hand-held gun to the fully automatic system which is seamlessly integrated into your production process. Whether casting variant or hot runner – we are sure we will find the optimum solution for you.

Your benefits:

Standardised basic tools with parameter adjustment, optional components such as cooling devices, material replenishing units. Your tool is perfectly integrated into our device.


These systems are used in all areas of mass goods production, medium and large batches. They are often used as operator controlled stand-alone units.

OHRMANN quality:

As a certified company, we build our systems to the highest technical specifications.

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