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Comprehensive know-how when handling critical seals
Knowledge and experience about the feeding and assembly behavior of O-rings and seals are essential for the planning of assembly processes in order to ensure a smooth series start-up and to maintain permanently high machine availability. OHRMANN Montagetechnik is a specialized technology leader in the field of feeding and assembly of O-rings and seals.
OHRMANN GmbH has extensive know-how in dealing with challenging installation conditions and critical seals – an aspect that is often not sufficiently considered in assembly planning. In particular, very small O-rings with an inner diameter starting at 0.5 millimeters, but also very flexible rings with low cord thickness, certain base materials with mineral additives or silicone content, and some sliding coatings are considered critical and require special consideration.

OHRMANN supply trial
While many mounting automation suppliers regard O-ring mounting as just one process among many, OHRMANN Montagetechnik deliberately relies on another approach. Even before preparation of an offer, sample parts are used to carry out OHRMANN’s supply trial, which documents important information for planning the mounting process.

Prevention of static charge during the supply process
Our company has achieved special development success in recent years in the prevention of static charge and adhesion during the supply process. Factors that promote occurrences of this kind are already eliminated during the planning process. Many seals today can be mounted without those errors occurring that regularly caused major problems during serial operation up until a while ago. As a result, plant availability has risen significantly. Another reason to already pay due attention to the C-part O-ring during planning.


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